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Wood Handling Equipment

Lateral Feed Tables for Profile Wood Moulders

Trimmers and Saws - Radial Cross Cut Saws

Infeed Systems and Outfeed Systems

Custom Design Services


Two Lateral Feed Table Models  ~ 12 Foot  and  20 Foot


A  20 ft. table with optional infeed system, including a scissor lift.


This layout incluldes a scissor lift and a storage chain deck in front of the feed table.This provides a means for the operator to view the lumber as it moves forward, increasing production and allowing some grading of the product. Another option for this system, would be a drop out gate on the head of the chain deck. The gate can be opened, to drop a piece out of the line. The material will drop into a cart or a take away belt. These are options and possibilities for a handling system.

Package Saws

Both Portable and Fixed designs. See some examples in the photo section of this web site.There are a lot of package saw designs on the market. They are not all the same. Check out features when you check out the price. We manufactured our first chain  package saw in 1987.

New Portable saw design is coming.


Wrap Dispensers

Also open the pictures page for views of the wrap dispenser. These machines are generally custom designed, to suit the requirements. How many rolls required in storage? What size are they? How many levels are required? We have designed a one level, up to, four level systems. This allows 4 different size wrap paper rolls to be handled.

Stick Placers

  These machines are custom designed to fit into your stacker. Multiple heads can be included. The magazines can be fixed or adjustable. They can be controlled to move into position automatically, or manually. These can be used for cardboard sticks ,lath or light wood strips.