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We have modified our scissor lift to make it;

more economical, easily to service, less parts.

It looks the same, but it has many re-designed features!

The base frame shown here is 48" wide x 78" long.

5000 LB, capacity shown. (6000 LB. cap. is avaliable).

Platform size can be modified as required.

  It has a low collapsed height of  ..12"  new!


5000 lb. & 6000 lb. Capacity.

2000 LB. & 3000 LB. Capacity Model

This base frame is 36" wide x 54" long a 

 9" Collapsed Height.

Platform size can be modified to suit your requirement.

Closed top, Single cylinder. Heavy construction. Can be supplied with the hydraulic system and foot pedals

1 HP /120 or 230 volt single phase


Twin Foot Switches,supplied with a 12 foot long cable, wired to the hydraulic system.


Unit with the 1HP hydraulic system in place.



Features of the NEW DESIGN

Larger Main Rollers. Note there is a top retaining bar to capture the roller for up lift.





  Larger Bearing Blocks,with easy to align mount.




 Same Heavy Frame Construction.

1/4" plate main frames, 3/4" plate arms,oversize rods on cylinders with 1" pins.






Better Look!                                   


 This model is a 5000 LB. Capacity Lift. Twin hydraulic cylinders. Closed in top cover.

The sytem can be purcahsed as a package, with the hydraulic system, twin foot pedals and cables.


The basic hoist only, and you can add the controls ,or maybe it will fit into an existing system !

 We can design a custom control system for you.

Basic Dimensions & optional components



Double Arm Scissor Lift


This unit as shown is:  48" wide x 14 feet long. Capacities 10,000 Lbs. to 12000 Lbs.

It can be modified to suit the size requirement. Large Top Platforms or wide base

Collapsed Height is 12"