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Vacuum Stick Placer Operation

This machine can be added to a lumber or plywood stacker

to place lath sticks between tier levels.

It includes a magazine where lath sticks are manually loaded. 
The vacuum pick up arm, when energized extends and pivots
into the magazine to pick-up the top stick.
The arm then retracts and lowers to place the stick on top 
of the pile.
Typically there are several magazines across a package.
These can be designed to move to various positions, either
automatically or manually.
There is a photo eye to detect when the magazine is approaching
This signal will power a light to let the operator know the magazine
needs refilling.
This design is an economical way to place sticks on a package.
Custom designs can be done to suit new and existing stackers.
Various widths and lengths can be handled.Cardboard lath or wooden.
See more pictures in the photo album section of our web site.
The machines are manufactured by:  BAXLEY EQUIPMENT INC.